In the most recent development of the FBI’s College Basketball witch hunt, such powerhouses as Duke, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan State, and North Carolina have been identified as having broken recruiting violations.  And I’m sorry, but I truly, sincerely, genuinely, do not care. I cannot find it in myself to be outraged by the “immoral” schools... Continue Reading →

College Basketball Preview, 2/10

The only College Basketball preview you need to prepare for the weekend is right here. Today, we will watch both bubble teams and the nation’s best look to make a splash in mid-February.  I'll go ahead and tell you who will win these games. Butler @ 1 Villanova, 12:00 PM The number one team in the... Continue Reading →

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies Part 1

You’ve probably heard about Bitcoin--maybe even begun investing in it--but do you understand what it is?  What about the blockchain?  If your answer is no, you should probably stop investing your hard-earned cash flows into them. With that said, I must say that cryptocurrencies and their underlying technologies are the most exciting, interesting, revolutionary, and... Continue Reading →

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