A Defense of the DC Universe

I love superheroes. I love reading about them, I love watching their TV shows, and I love watching their movies. I love Marvel AND I love DC, which is apparently incredibly hard for some fans to wrap their walnut-sized brains around. Yes, the Marvel Comic Universe (MCU) has excelled and made stupid money worldwide; and yes, the Detective Comics Extended Universe (DCEU) continues to be a developmental dumpster fire that gets panned by critics (except Wonder Woman). Here’s the thing: neither universe requires the validation of being compared unto the other. They are both fully capable of standing on their merits.

Let’s talk about Man of Steel. The first thing that you always hear is “Superman sucks! He blew up all of Metropolis!” Thank you, friend, I too have intact eyesight. Superman’s abilities come from his Kryptonian physiology. Several more Kryptonians show up to Earth with highly-advanced alien technology and try to conquer it. I’m very sorry this isn’t Avengers, where giant, armored serpents can attack New York City and inflict only minimal damage.  Did you see how dumb that was? Avengers is a great movie. The lack of rampant destruction doesn’t help or hurt that, and the same is true for Man of Steel. Now, if we’re being honest, I liked Avengers better. But that’s okay, because as a rational human being I understand that preferring one thing to another does not make the other terrible!

Let’s talk about Zach Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The whole “Martha” thing was absolutely absurd and anyone involved in green-lighting that scene should be ashamed of themselves. Nonetheless, it is a humanizing moment, which is a key element in the DCEU. Superman is basically a god. Batman is a grizzled veteran of his war on crime which has disconnected him from reality. Making them relatable is important for the audience, but using the name of the two heroes’ respective mothers as a way to immediately end their conflict by rendering them allies was about as lazy and anticlimactic as Snyder could have done. Regardless, this scene should not condemn DC to the extent it has since 2016.

I would not be a true DC fanboy without bringing this up: DC’s animated films are INCREDIBLE. Particularly in recent years they are dark, gory, and generally mature in nature. You may say, “Hehe, this guy watches superhero cartoons. What are you, 10?” Well, friend, I’m in my 20s and thanks for asking. Did you happen to watch Family Guy, South Park, American Dad, Rick and Morty, Futurama, Archer, or The Simpsons in the past week while shoving cheap beer into your already-concerningly-large gut and laughing your ass off? Guess what, you’re a hypocrite AND an idiot (a hypocridiot, if you will). Those movies are amazing, and I will be writing my congressman within the week to demand them back on Netflix.

I mainly wrote this to blow off steam about the hate people send to the DCEU. Here’s the point I want to make: don’t choose sides in a nonexistent battle because some Gen Xer thinks you should. DC and Marvel are both great, and I will be enjoying their content for years to come.

– Contributor 1

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