Icy CFP Preview (100% SEC-Biased)

So, being an OG contributor to a media company (currently operating as a blog) is about as stimulating as it gets for a soon-to-be-graduating senior at a state university. Though I admit my inexperience with blogging, my takes should not be judged by their professionalism so much as by their accuracy, which will be proven shortly.  Yes, I am a white guy that goes to the University of Alabama, majors in finance and is in a fraternity. Pretty unique stuff, right? But that doesn’t matter. You’re reading this because you want a take on the CFP, and that’s what you will get.  Full disclaimer: my thoughts on the College Football Playoff will be all of 100% biased toward ‘Bama and the inevitability of their being crowned the National Champions for the first time in…two years! This is one of the rare occasions in which a biased take will prove to be correct. Roll Tide.

First of all, sorry, Ohio State. I don’t know if Urban Meyer’s gentle heart could handle another matchup against Clemson. The committee proved that it is capable in its understanding that a 31-point loss to Iowa (whose best win otherwise was an overtime win at 7-5 Iowa State) does not merit a CFP appearance. I don’t care that Ohio State beat USC by 17; if you watched that game, Sam Darnold did NOT CARE about the game– he’s bailing for the clown-ass Browns come April. Moreover, it goes without saying at this point that not only USC, but the entire Pac-12, is trash. It’s currently sitting at 1-8 on the bowl season, and two of its top three teams were blown out by the Big 10–not to mention Oregon’s two-posession loss to Boise State and UCLA’s blowout loss to Kansas State. In fact, I would go so far as to say that replacement of the Pac-12’s categorization as a Power-5 conference with any of the following should be considered: the Sun Belt, the American conference, the Mountain West, and Conference USA, all of which have won three bowl games more than the Pac-12 has.

With that out of the way, we’re 48 hours from the semi-final games: the Rose Bowl and Sugar Bowl. Whoever decided to put the ‘Bama-Clemson game in primetime got it right. I don’t think anyone is emotionally, physically, or psychologically prepared for part three… or maybe it’s just me—yikes. And also, I’m heading to New Orleans tomorrow and God only knows what kind of debauchery will present itself on Bourbon Street after a Tide win, or Hell—a loss.

The game in Pasadena features Oklahoma, led by a Heisman winner who has torched every defense he’s faced besides the Fayetteville PD, and UGA, led by a freshman quarterback with a season QBR of 168 and a backfield which has rushed for over 3,000 yards on the season. But being the SEC homer that I am, I’ll call that UGA is going to win this game simply because an OU win wouldn’t be right by their standards: they’ve choked every season away since their last title in 2000. If they pay homage to the Bob Stoops era with a win in this game, they will just leave a bad taste in college football’s mouth. Besides, Lincoln Riley is a Mike Leach product—need I say more?

Thus we have arrived at an all-SEC national championship game in what seems to be the most appropriate location: Hotlanta. I can’t wait to hear “Big 10 guy” bitch and moan about how the conference isn’t represented because it was TOO good when ‘Bama and UGA take the field on January 8 (looking at you, Colin Cowherd). I might even finally call into the Paul Finebaum Show this week, compliment Laura Rutledge’s looks like every other bum-fuck caller from Alabama, and give my emotional, half-ass analysis of the matchup ending with a fat ROLL TIDE.

-Bama Boi (@AJBurgess54)

5 thoughts on “Icy CFP Preview (100% SEC-Biased)

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  1. Ur forgetting nick saban didn’t denounce Roy Moore who lost btw (allegedly) Seems problematic to me. Saban has clearly accepted losing. Probably time to get rid of him in bama

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    1. Time to get rid of him? Wash your mouth with soap. Like Belichick, Saban ages like a fine wine. He is wise beyond your years. He is humble and has not run out of gas.


  2. When baker mayfeild planted flag in osu feild turf, oklahoma should of been allowed to annex osu players imo. Would be very good team. Probably struggle against opponents from iowa


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