The True Victim of 2017

Happy end-of-2017, a year in which the terror and natural processes of the world have laid waste to the highest number of victims in recorded history. But only one victim will be spoken of today. A victim with whom I sympathize and a victim which the lame-stream media is intent on neglecting. The poor soul I speak of is, of course, Takeoff: Atlanta rapper, culture connoisseur and one-third of the rap group Migos.

In the SAD case that you’re not educated on this particular subject, check Migos’ success in 2017 on Billboard, Spotify, and iTunes. In the last week of May, they held nine of the top 100 spots on Billboard charts; as their sophomore album “Culture” reached platinum status, its lead single, “Bad and Boujee,” went 4x platinum. These successes led to a period of time during which Migos and its individual members were releasing feature hits on a weekly basis. Indeed, Childish Gambino hailed “Bad and Boujee” as the “best song ever” before asserting that the three Migos (yes, all three) are the “Beatles of this generation.”

With this context, let’s check out our highly-reputable informational database, In your search browser, type “Migos.” From here, scroll to the “members” section on your right-hand side. After clicking on each member of Migos, you may be unsettled: Takeoff’s link redirects you to the Migos Wikipedia page!  This is not a joke–33.33% of 2017’s most successful rap artist DOES NOT have his own Wikipedia page. Here are a few of Takeoff’s competitors who HAVE a Wikipedia page: Bryce Vine, Skizzy Mars, Nipsey Hussle, and mother-fucking 6ix9ine. First of all, I’ve never heard of Bryce Vine, but I’ll throw it out there that his 36k followers on Twitter pale in comparison to Takeoff’s 740k. Need I even get into 6ix9ine? (actually, though, do check out his Wikipedia page!). Listen, your average fraternity or night club could attract any of these dudes with a scout’s guarantee of drugs and sex. Could the same be said for Takeoff?

I am sickened. You’re telling me that the man who changed the ad-lib rap game with such annunciations as “DAT WAY!”, “GRANDMA”, and my personal favorite, “BIIIIITCH!!”, isn’t influential enough to have his own page on Wikipedia?

This is not a world I want to live in. Please, 2018, do better.

Takeoff is the true victim of 2017. He has been left off of “Bad and Boujee”, denied a proper Wikipedia page, and labelled the least valuable member of Migos. Well, let me tell you  something: you can’t have the Migos without the Takeoff. Migos has three, THREE parts. Quavo is the hook man, Offset is the flow man, and Takeoff is the mother-fuckin’ ad-lib man. We should all be ashamed by this atrocity. I could offer an apology, but it would not approach capturing the scope of this injustice. I conclude with a simple, yet profound statement: Takeoff might not be the Migos we want, but he is the Migos we need.

-maverick (@TroyBurchett)

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