Another Way to View the Logan Paul Incident

So, Logan Paul went to Japan and filmed a dead guy hanging in the Japanese “Suicide Forest.” I haven’t seen the video, but upon reading through Twitter outrage, it seems that two arguments are being made: 1. we can’t promote this type of violent behavior/de-sensitivity in our children and 2. suicide is serious and we shouldn’t turn it into a form of entertainment.  This is just a random Tuesday’s story at which the Twitter universe and the snowflake YouTube community can band together and express outrage. Let’s not turn this into a suicide debate or a “debate about the kids.” I mean, YouTube has let some other pretty questionable content slide (#ElsaGate). Also, characters die in Disney stories all the time. Didn’t Snow White basically commit suicide, herself?  If our kids are so devoted to this guy, why not find a way to promote him? I mean, some Twitter personalities are calling for the deletion of Logan Paul’s channel immediately; if kids are taught that actively promoting one’s self will lead to isolation and failure, why would they pursue advancement and progress, like Logan Paul’s? We live in a capitalist society which promotes pulling one’s self up by the bootstraps, and that is exactly what Logan Paul has done in the previous decade, using Vine to become an international star by age 22.  Thus I propose we should support him for what he is: the ideal, American millennial living the dream toward which we all should strive. Also worth mentioning, this suicide forest is allegedly haunted as fuck—let’s at least respect Paul’s grind for views in facing the possibility of his own death, or worst, possession by the demons! Plus, I don’t think exposure to the harsh realities of the world can ever come too early.  Are we supposed to tell our kids that death and depression don’t exist? Really, this level of awareness can be viewed as an investment in our children’s future, as will foster both an acceptance of death and a yearning to achieve success in life.

Just some food for thought.


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