Presidential Address ; “Big Announcement”

Founder/CEO Admin Tam here to announce some big schemes.  Before doing so, though, I’d like to give a brief state of the company address, if you will.  First of all, the very young Icy Schemes has gone “full send” in the last week. Though we are currently operating from three separate college campuses, our coordination couldn’t be any better.  We now have seven contributors (including myself), all of whose ability to communicate objectives and complete work in a timely manner has been a pivotal driver of the growth we’ve experienced.  I know that my original content has been slim as of late, and this is because I’ve spent the majority of my time editing our contributors’ work and promoting social media platforms. Quite honestly, our guys’ content has simply been too strong to place on the back-burner; perfecting each and every article has been my first priority (aside from schoolwork).  Further, we appreciate your interaction with our social media posts, particularly that of you Twitter folks.  In our three days without posting a blog, we gained over 50 followers and posted our highest-engaged tweet yet, with nearly 150 likes and 51 retweets.  Several of the original haters and cowards have become Icy loyalists, and one has joined our team as a graphic and website designer.  Oh yeah, we also received a blog endorsement from Centre College Professor of English, Mark Lucas, an honor whose meaning my mental capacities are all too inadequate to describe.


Now for our announcement.  We have been contacted by @BumWineBob, a blogger and podcaster, about working together on some content.  Given Bob’s substantial following, we’re both grateful and super hype to write some reviews for his website and, on February 26th, join his live podcast at 10 PM EST.  We’ll keep you updated on the podcast appearance, but we expect to have a lax conversation and talk about some of our college experiences.  If all goes well, we anticipate our partnership will continue in this manner. Don’t worry, neither I nor Bob will water down our respective social media feeds with retweets and promotions: the partnership’s purposes are for Icy Schemes and Bobcat to promote each other’s following, improve upon takes (if possible), and gain podcasting experience.  Of course, all of our personal content regarding sports, entertainment and culture will remain on

Tomorrow, February 7th, you should expect our culture contributor’s first article in his series about BitCoin and some “very hot NFL off-season takes,” in the words of @AJBurgess54.  We also expect to adopt a new logo in the next day or two, which should be cool and good.  Lastly, on behalf of the Icy Schemes staff, I thank you for appreciating our dedication to the takes.

-Admin Tam (@tomhall2323)

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