Greetings, fellow existent beings.  Welcome to Icy Schemes Media, which is, at its core, a group of friends with obviously-correct opinions that the world needs to hear. You have heard the rumors, and yes, it is true that the name was derived from an inside joke regarding Smirnoff Ice, but this service transcends simple friendships. From time immemorial, schemes have always had an icy variety. From the time a Neanderthal beat another man to death with a rock so as to steal his woman, to the time Boston’s Sons of Liberty threw loads of British tea into the harbor, to the time some guys decided they might as well form a media company, there have always been icy schemes.

Fear not, dear readers, as we will not be working to “scheme” you in the contemporary sense. Our only scheme is to share what we know with the world. If you join us on this journey, soon you may be scheming others too.

The key to Icy Schemes is that we are the locally-grown, organic, fair trade coffee of media. We are not beholden to a shadowy, faceless corporation like your average media outlet is. Our words are our own, and although we are only getting started, our dreams (and schemes) reach much farther than the tips of the iceberg. Our contributors range from a wide variety of academic and professional backgrounds which, we hope, will offer unique (or at the very least, entertaining) perspectives of the world around us. We will reveal truth about all forms of entertainment, which we define as anything that entertains. You should thus be prepared to read about film, music, politics (maybe), sports, television, and more.

Thank you for taking the time to check out Icy Schemes Media, where you will be provided with takes that expose the iciness of the American landscape.

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