New Music Friday Review, Week of 2/2

Happy Friday, folks.  As we musical intellectuals know, Friday means new music. And I have listened.  Here are my educated takes on what you should and shouldn't listen to while sifting through the shitstorm that was this week’s New Music Friday. Album of the Week: Man of the Woods - Justin Timberlake Never a stranger... Continue Reading →

Music Reviews, Week of 1/26 – 2/1

Well it's Thursday and I've found the time to listen to nearly all of the songs that last week's New Music Friday brought us.  Ahead of tomorrow's new releases, I'm here to provide invaluable judgment on which songs you should listen to, which will become popular, and which should be sent to the Pit of... Continue Reading →

The True Victim of 2017

Happy end-of-2017, a year in which the terror and natural processes of the world have laid waste to the highest number of victims in recorded history. But only one victim will be spoken of today. A victim with whom I sympathize and a victim which the lame-stream media is intent on neglecting. The poor soul... Continue Reading →

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