2018 NFL Mock Draft 1.0

For many of us, it's time to turn to NFL draft season, and thankfully, Icy Schemes' analyst has devoted countless hours to watching fim, researching teams' needs, and considering different draft day scenarios.  We have a long way to go before April 26, but here is our carefully-considered first round mock draft. 1.Cleveland Browns Sam... Continue Reading →

The Identity Crisis of an NFL Bandwagon in 2017

As a guy who has lived his whole life on the Kentucky-Ohio northeastern border, it’s been difficult to choose my professional sports teams. Since I began seriously following sports in high school, my allegiances have progressively shifted away from the Cincinnati teams, which have always been my family’s and friend's default.  As the 2017 season... Continue Reading →

The Steelers got Bamboozled

What are you doing, Pittsburgh? I rarely question decisions made by the Steelers' front office, as it has built two Super Bowl champions and perennial playoff contenders in my lifetime. Hell, the Steelers have only had three coaches since Woodstock, but dammit, you can’t let James Harrison walk with a “Super Bowl or bust” mentality... Continue Reading →

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