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Icy Schemes aims to post high volumes of content on a wide variety of interests.  If you have a passion for writing or entertainment (which we define in very broad terms) and are interested in contributing to Icy Schemes in any capacity, then contact us! We look for contributors who are willing to write at least one original article per week about something that they are interested in. Again, it is not necessary that the work fits into one of our primary categories: we are always looking to break into new ones and expand our diversity of content.  I generally edit work carefully before publishing it, so contributors’ writing abilities are not as important as their ability to provide original takes.  Moreover, contributing to Icy Schemes is not limited to writing: we welcome anyone with an interest in research, data collection, or simply offering ideas. A lot of work goes into exposing and providing takes on schemes, and we welcome anyone willing to help with this work.

Why would you want to join?  I know, we are a very new company that currently only exists on a couple of platforms.  We were founded in December, 2017, and took most of January off.  But in the coming months, we have lofty aspirations for our young entertainment blog (if you’re unconvinced, check our 2018 preview). We plan to establish a presence on additional platforms, upgrade our website, and eventually start podcasting. Contributors who join our crew can become a part of the Schemes’ journey and, in doing so, increase their individual brand and following across social media platforms.  If you want to scheme with us, you can:

Email us: icyschemes@gmail.com

DM us on Twitter: @IcySchemes

DM us on Facebook: @IcySchemes

Thanks for checking out our page–we hope to hear from you soon!

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